Julia Murakami

Julia Murakami is an artist whose work runs the gamut between the gory and the guileless, juxtaposing iconic beauty with visions of violence, both explicit and implicit. Her work employs a plethora of media and often results in an unsettling search for balance between mutually repelling poles.

Julia Murakami/Alan Smithee, Lost Masterpieces #1 and #2 (red), 31.5” x 27.6” , 2010, ed. of 3/2 AP at the c.a.r. contemporary art Ruhr art fair 2010.
Julia Murakami and Alan Smithee

 Julia Murakami and Alan Smithee: A Conspirative Combo. It was an art fair after party, back in 2008, where Julia Murakami and Alan Smithee first